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Our Story


Liberation Bakery was founded to serve people who are passionate about the food they eat. We know that the food you eat and the food you serve your family is extremely important to you. and that you are incredibly busy living your lives and caring for those around you. We are here to simplify at least one portion of your lives, by delivering our baked goods right to your doorstep. 

It is hard it to find delicious gluten-free alternatives to classic desserts, and even more rarely are gluten-free products also organic. Finding food to meet your dietary needs and choices can be exhausting, and we empathize with the desire to only splurge on truly fantastic products. We are here to give you a small feeling of liberation - the freedom to eat our baked goods and be completely confident and happy with your choice. Whether you have chosen to be gluten free or you have members of your family who are, our mission at Liberation is to provide you with baked goods so incredibly delicious you will never miss the originals. Neither will your guests.

We are also very excited to offer you a selection of paleo desserts. We are experimenting with new recipes constantly, and hope to expand our paleo offerings this coming summer. We'll let you know!

We at Liberation pride ourselves on bringing you a quality product with complete transparency. Our ingredients are listed on our website and on each product. Ingredients are listed in order of quantity used from most to least by weight. Please note when reading labels that all of out products contain at least two flours, and many contain four or five. We do our best to source organic ingredients. There are rare occasions where we are unable to source a product organically. In these cases, we clearly label this on the product(s) to which it is relevant. 

If you have any questions about our products, feedback or suggestions, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!


Kate Hall, Founder