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Apple Pie


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Apple Pie


Apple Pie


The classic apple pie, with spice and a touch of lemon. 

Organic apples are locally sourced.

All pies are baked in 9 inch aluminum pans, which can be placed inside standard-sized glass, ceramic, etc. pie dishes, allowing you to present our pies in the dishware of your choice. Alternately, these dishes don't need to be placed inside anything, and can be served as-is. 



Pie Crust: brown rice flour*, tapioca flour*, butter*, vegetable shortening (mechanically pressed organic palm oil)*, granulated sugar*, baking powder, salt, xanthan gum, arrowroot*

Filling: apples*, granulated sugar*, eggs*, lemon juice*, white rice flour*, lemon zest*, nutmeg*, cinnamon*, salt, allspice*

* certified organic


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